Theories – Social media thoughts:

Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead

Marketing plans by digital media ‘experts’ satirised:

Tools – Coporate blogging hints and tips:

Theories – Seth Godin, very clever:

Theories – Intellectual property ideas, 1994:

Content – the impact of digital on writers:

Content – reader creates free index for Seth:

Theory – audiences

Content – Brady Haran’s videos.
I worked with Brady during the BBC Local TV trial a few years ago.  He was always great at making videos – and he’s got a hit on his hands with his videos about science etc, in partnership with the University of Nottingham. He’s recently created a blog about his work – a good idea as he’s maximising routes to content – he’s creating posts that allow new people to reach his high quality video in new ways – through top fives’ etc.

Subject: Our Marketing Plan

Published On: April 11, 2010By

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