David Letterman

David Letterman

As David Letterman signs off after 35 years, over on Twitter I found myself sharing video clips celebrating some of the best moments from his TV show.

The clips are from the Late Show with David Letterman. It’s a chat show. There are hundreds of chat shows. But the Late Show was a little different. From George Clooney handcuffing himself to the host to Monkey Cam to Al Pacino just reading the numbers from the Top Ten List, the show’s offbeat charm won it a place in the hearts and minds of many millions of people.

[The video, above, is the highlight reel from the final show, soundtracked by the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”].

The media landscape, if there is such a thing, has changed. TV is not as dominant as it once was. Data-driven digital content is here. Content as UX is spoken about at endless conferences.

The Late Show clips are peppered with entertaining, surprising, memorable moments – reminding me that content operates at many levels.

Data and analytics are important, but we shouldn’t forget about the importance of delighting audiences and customers.


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