Web hosting is often an emotive subject for small website owners. If you rely on the website for your income, any down-time (when your website is not available) can be expensive, and can invoke feelings of powerlessness which turns to rage if the outage is prolonged… just do a search for website hosting reviews if you want to see what I mean.

Recommended web hosting

I’ve used quite a few companies to host my small websites over the years, and now I’m an affiliate for the two companies that I use.

I’ve currently settled on two companies for my small (less than 1000 page) websites. I’m sure there are better companies out there, if you don’t mind doing a lot of research. But for me, these two companies provide the best balance of up-time reliability, value for money, customer service and technology.

My first choice for my websites that serve American users (and many European users) is Bluehost.com web hosting.

Bluehost uses CPanel, supports WordPress and allows multiple domains from one hosting package. I’ve seen my “bargain” hosting serve 10,000 pages in 14 hours. Good enough for me.

For a domain name and 24 months of Bluehost web hosting I pay, including taxes about £143.00 ($228.96).
If you’re new to Bluehost, you should be able to get the same package for less cash.

My second choice for webhosting is…

As its good to spread risk, and some say that search engines give more weight to websites that are hosted in the country they’re serving, I also use the UK based evohosting.co.uk for some of my UK sites. They’re a smaller company than Bluehost, but the personal-touch customer service from managing director Tim Mole impressed me when I was looking for a new host.

For 24 months of Evohosting web hosting I pay around £90.00.
The Evohosting deal is similar to Bluehost’s, it uses CPanel, supports easy WordPress installation but my “Home Hosting” package allows fewer multiple domains than my Bluehost hosting package.

Over the past year I feel that I’ve experienced slightly more downtime with Evosting, but that’s not scientifically proven. My guess is that my websites have been available 97% of the time with Bluehost and 95% of the time with Evohosting. That’s very good going for both, in my opinion.

How to find out more & sign up for web hosting

Both Bluehost and Evohosting advertise cut-price deals…

To find out more about Bluehost hosting, click here.

To find out more about Evosting hosting, click here.

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