Buying a book about usability is easy - almost as if the company places usability at the heart of its offer

Buying a book about usability from Amazon is easy – almost as if the company places usability at the heart of its offer


In the Rory Sutherland video I mention here, he makes the case for modern marketing.

He says that marketing’s understanding of human nature is important, that us humans are prone to all kinds of irrationality.

Take hyperbolic discounting, for example. Without a nudge or two, we’d keep putting off making a decision.

This is all true – but as Rory also says – there’s potentially less money in nudges and designing “choice architecture” etc, so agencies stick to bought media – it’s easier to bill for.

Online though, shouting, and bought media, really is less effective.

It’s important to remember that “digital” brings its own challenges.

Craig Mawdsley, joint chief strategic officer, AMV BBDO, is succinct:

“The best strategy for our digital age is usability – forget about persuasion. That was the old world where marketing was easier to do than product or service development. Nowadays, you should be spending your time working out how to make your product or service easier and better than anyone else.”

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