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Case study – Global software company – inbound / content marketing research and planning

Please note: Much of my work is covered by Non Disclosure Agreements, so I can’t be too detailed on this page.


A famous global software company wanted to sell some enterprise software to a new market segment in North America, using inbound marketing techniques.
I was called in by the brand’s agency to research and then recommend the content themes and types that would resonate with the new audience segment.

What I did

  • Various desk research, including incorporating some existing research.
  • Audience Intent Modelling – I used data, artificial intelligence, and my editorial experience to reveal the topics and themes that would resonate with their distinct customer segment.
  • Editorial judgement and planning – From the research I worked-up various sample article titles, descriptions and angles that could be used by the company.


The client was pleased with my insight and recommendations, and turned my editorial recommendations into published content (including webinars).

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