An example of a popular tweet from Buzzfeed

An example of a popular tweet from Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed have thought a lot about spreading messages through social media. Let’s take a brief look at why their Beyonce tweet (above) received hundreds of retweets.

Usually, these types of “how to get retweeted” posts talk about adding photos, and publishing at the optimal time – which is fair enough – and Buzzfeed do optimise their tweets along these lines.
But let’s go a little deeper – once we acknowledge that Buzzfeed have their social media technical basics in place, why, really, did the Beyonce tweet above get shared so many times?

I’m going to refer to my seven principles.

1) Sharing content is a popular form of self expression – The tweet helps the retweeters’ to say hello to their friends in a novel way

2) People like to appear smart & useful – The photo is from Beyonce’s latest – well received – video. But it doesn’t explicitly say this. By sharing it, you’re signalling your knowledge to others

3) Ambiguous messages hinder self expression – It’s a simple “hi” message

4) Topicality – It’s a reference to a one-day-old music video. It’s topical

5) Happiness, joy and awe is infectious (as is anger) – Beyonce evokes happiness to her audience

6) Each social platform has different technical, content & conversational requirements – It uses a photo, short text etc

7) Tap into communities that already exist – Buzzfeed has an audience / community, Beyonce has a massive audience / community.


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