Blippar is “the world’s first image recognition platform for mobile and tablet devices targeted specifically at customer-brand interaction”.

Their augmented reality apps are usually good, see this Waitrose app that brings the newspaper ad to life in a useful way.

Blippar has a lot of potential.

But its Guinness “Decorate Your Pint” AR Experience is, to me, a bit of a missed opportunity.

The app lets you: “adorn your favourite pint with a classic piece of Xmas décor – and finish it off with a ribbon tied around the glass, or can. You can even add some falling snow as a final touch”.

As Eddy pointed out in the comments, the app ties in with the Guinness strapline from its broader advertising campaign; “What I really want for Christmas…”.

See the Blippar video example:

Jessica Butcher, Marketing and Founding Director of Blippar said to the nextweb: “The Guinness project is a great bit of fun and an innovative application of our technology, offering people an instantaneous opportunity to ‘play’ with Guinness’s drinks in a way we think they will really enjoy”.

It is an innovative app, but I’m not sure how enjoyable it is. A Guinness augmented reality app could be much better than this.

How the Guinness augmented reality app could be improved

I think that this app is an answer looking for a question.

This app seems to be about technology and not Guinness-drinking smart-phone-owning people. And that’s why, I expect, it won’t be hugely popular.

Drinking Guinness with friends should be about emotion, fun and good times.

But this app lets you put a Santa hat on your pint of Guinness. And then share the photo. Which is technically interesting, but not hugely emotionally engaging. And without the emotional component most marketing campaigns will fail.

If the app would let you put Guinness branded Santa hats on your drinking buddies, if it would perhaps let you dress them in festive gear and then capture and share the moment with a silly photo etc… then this app would be be more successful.

Technology should serve the consumer, not the other way round. If this app had some heart, if it was more customer-focused it would reach and engage more successfully.

P.S: It’s very easy for me to criticise. That’s why I’m doing it here. I am aware that there may be all of sorts of regulations and resource issues that may cause Guinness to limit its use of technology.

Is the Guinness Blippar app a missed opportunity? How could it be improved? Will you be downloading it?

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