Google Glass detail. Pic: Antonio Zugaldia

Google Glass detail. Pic: Antonio Zugaldia

It’s reported that Google Glass will go on sale to the general public in 2014.

The device’s ability to record the first-person perspective has provoked privacy fears.

But Google’s Sergey Brin talks about Glass’s ability to “empower” people, saying:

“We believe, actually, that communication with images, and access to devices that empower people to communicate with images in new ways, are truly revolutionary, and may enable people to connect in new and potentially better ways.”

But it occurs to me that the mass adoption of Google Glass would also help “empower” Google, with lots of valuable information that it could eventually use to solve the problem of accurately calculating Return On Investment in advertising and marketing.

If the Glass device can become “always-on”, and is fitted with image recognition abilities, then Google can gather valuable, highly sought-after, data about how many adverts the wearer has seen, and what effect they’ve had on consumer purchase, for example.

Empowering, indeed. But to whom?

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Update: December 2014

Halfway there… lots of us have already given up details to Facebook and Google, that can be cross checked for evidence of advertising Return On Investment: “How Facebook Knows When Its Ads Influence Your Offline Purchases

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