A selection of the questions I’ve been answering nearly every weekday, for the past 12 years, would include:

“What content should we be creating?”

“What content themes would resonate with our customers, on the web, and on social media?”

“What are the themes we should be aware of in our customer conversations on social media?

“How do our customers articulate their desire for the products in our category?”

“What search terms should we focus on?”

“How do we get to the top of Google with our content?”

“How can we make our website more popular?”

“How can we make our website more effective?”

“What’s best-in-class in our category?”

“How are our competitors using digital content to succeed?”

“How can we use digital content to gain a competitive advantage?”

“How should we be using social media to promote our product?”

“What do our customers want to see on our websites and digital channels?”

“What’s the best way to promote our product / organisation / service on the web?”

“Is our website and web content performing as effectively as it could?”

“How does our website / digital content / social media compare to our competitors?”

“What should our new website include?”

“We’re considering employing an agency to build our new digital thing – do they know what they’re talking about?”

“In our sector, what type of digital and content marketing should we be undertaking?”

“What digital / content marketing trends should we be aware of?”

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