Successful content marketing, communications, customer experiences, and even new business pitches, are based on evidence and insight.

Insight > Strategy > Production.

I supply a wide range of organisations with the evidence and insight they need to make a difference. Usually for:

  • Increased digital communications impact
  • Effective content marketing
  • Improved customer experience
  • Winning new business (pitches, RFPs etc)

Insight & research services

My robust processes for understanding customers, and analysing digital communication effectiveness, have been used by many top brands & major organisations. Services I offer include:

  • Auditing – digital marketing & communications
    – What: Identify digital communications performance.
    – How: Using my proven criteria to analyse content, websites, social media, SEO etc.
  • Benchmarking – digital marketing & communications
    – What: Place digital communications performance in context.
    – How: Using my proven criteria to analyse competitor content, websites, social media, SEO etc.
  • Audience Intent Modelling
    – What: Reveal & categorise customer needs and objectives in granular detail. Identify the communication gaps between the customer and client.
    – Can be used to augment or replace surveys, focus groups etc.
    – How: Using big data, artificial intelligence and a proven process.
  • Insights discovery
    – What: Reveal truths that amplify the impact of content and digital communications.
    – How: Using research methods and human experience and intuition.
  • Persona creation
    – What: Segment and document audience types.
    – How: Proven process – including interviews, surveys and templates.

And related research services, including:

  • New business pitch assistance for Directors / C-suite
  • Social media listening & analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Content themes & topics discovery
  • Acting as the “voice of the customer”
  • Search data analysis
  • Audience research & trendspotting
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Various qualitative / quantitative research – SWOT research, Gap analysis etc

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