Five reasons why the Evian baby videos are so popular, below. The new video “baby & me” has received more than 20 million views in four days.

baby&me / the new evian film – YouTube.

1) Characters: Multi-cultural cute babies and attractive adults
2) Catchy music – rhythm
3) Humour of incongruity. “Look at those babies doing adult dancing”
4) Brevity of the edit. It’s quick and short.
5) The concept – it’s a moment of magic. Elements all contribute. And no spoken words are required to understand the story – so barriers to enjoyment are low.

Also important: Branding is non-intrusive, so there’s no embarrassment about sharing this video.

Or if we look below the surface, has it hit a nerve because it’s a representation of the “infantalising” nature of modern consumerism? Adults are encouraged to remain children for longer, so they’ll consumer more?

Published On: April 23, 2013By

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