Digital marketing audits, and communication audits, supply the information and insights needed by firms who wish to make smarter decisions about their online marketing and comms. They reveal what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved.

A detail from one of my digital marketing audit spreadsheets, that I use to collect evidence.

A detail from one of my digital marketing audit spreadsheets, that I use to collect evidence.

After auditing and benchmarking the digital communications performance of hundreds of brands and organisations across Europe, in a wide variety of sectors, I’m one of the UK’s most experienced freelance digital marketing auditors.

The Legal Sector report - for Draw Digital

The Legal Sector report – for Draw Digital

I’m told that my audits are especially valued because they’re useful, actionable and practical. I don’t stop at metrics, I tie the findings to the impact on business objectives, and the customer journey.

I’m also the author of a number of in-depth digital auditing / benchmarking sector reports that have been published by the Last Exit and Draw Digital agencies. These reports have been covered by trade media and referenced by professional bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

I offer two levels of audits:

  • Quick. Aimed at agencies who are pitching for new work, and need to get a quick grasp of how their prospect is performing digitally.
  • In-depth. Aimed at businesses (and their agencies) who are building a new digital strategy, and need a solid foundation.

What is a digital marketing audit?

Every digital communications audit or benchmark I undertake is different, as every organisation has different objectives. My starting point will be the questions that my client needs answering.

The criteria I use to evaluate digital marketing performance is constantly evolving, and is updated week-to-week to reflect the latest best practices. I usually recommend including some competitor comparisons to the audit, as this can place the findings in context.

If you need a general overview of your digital marketing / communications performance, typically I look at how an organisation’s digital comms and marketing propels the customer along a path to purchase. This can include:

  • Customer segmentation.
  • Technology. From CMS-type to performance on multiple devices.
  • SEO. Visibility, value, technical proficiency. Comparisons with competitors.
  • Website design and UX. Comparisons with competitors.
  • Product explanations.
  • Conversion activity.
  • Loyalty-building activity.
  • Content marketing.
  • Social media. Volume, channel, topics, sentiment, best practices etc. Comparisons with competitors.
  • Etc etc

What is the output from your digital marketing audit and benchmark?

I’m happy to supply the findings of your audit in the format of your choice. Popular choices include: My at-a-glance colourful spreadsheets, powerpoint decks and in-depth reports. I can also present the findings to your teams, and lead round-table discussions.

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