A digital content marketing strategy will drastically improve the effectiveness and performance of digital content and communications.
I create digital content strategies, and digital content marketing strategies, for a wide range of brands, and their agencies.

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Insight derived from understanding customer needs and behaviour is critical to effective content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy can be divided up into six sections:
Objective, Goals, Situation analysis, Insight, Tactics and Measurement.

Depending on the client, I either assist with the entire strategy, or particular areas where help is needed.

Top tip: Content marketing strategies are relatively easy to create. However, they often under-perform because they lack insight –
usually with too much focus on company objectives, and too little focus on helping customers reach their objectives.
The “secret” is aligning the company’s communications with customer needs and behaviour.
Which means we need to research and understand customer needs and behaviour. As leadership expert John C. Maxwell has written: “people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand”.

Digital content marketing strategy – an example

Below I briefly outline the content marketing strategy stages and describe the services I offer.

My services:
Advice / consultancy

My services:
Advice / consultancy

Situation analysis
My services: 
Gap analysis
Digital content marketing auditing
Digital communications benchmarking
Various research
Audience Intent Modelling

My services: 
Supply insights about customer behaviour, and competitor weaknesses, that can be used to align digital activity with customer need.

My services:
Outline the channels, messages etc that will appeal to customers along the path to purchase.
Granular content ideas, titles, structures, descriptions, outlines etc.
Editorial calendar addressing: Persona, Need state, Season, Platform, Content type etc
Content creation guidance and leadership

My services:
Advice / consultancy

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