• Tone of voice? It’s the least of your content worries

    Published On: January 17, 2017

    Tone of voice is overrated. Tackle the fundamentals first, if you wish your content to connect with customers.

  • It’s the crowd, not the performer

    Published On: November 20, 2016

    On attracting attention - an insight into human behaviour from a street entertainer.

  • Notes: Know when to stop the content, says Facebook content strategist

    Published On: October 27, 2016

    At Facebook London for the Making sense: content strategy for products' event.

  • Creative businesses that win new clients all share this one characteristic. Does yours?

    Published On: June 1, 2016

    How does your business, or agency, react to seemingly foolish ideas? Sceptical amusement? Nitpicking negativity?

  • Say hi to the chatbots. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them

    Published On: April 13, 2016

    Here's a development worth noting: Facebook chatbots are open to the public. Find out more.

  • Design & Strategy versus Implementation & Use

    Published On: January 19, 2016

    There's design, planning and strategy and then there's implementation & use.

  • Quick: Content is NOT king and why we buy

    Published On: January 10, 2016

    Content is not king. Saying "content is king" is silly and / or idiotic.

  • One weird trick reveals if your organisation needs to rethink its approach to digital*

    Published On: December 5, 2015

    Change is hard. Here's one of the signs I look out for when I'm trying to figure out if an organisation is best avoided...

  • An overview of influence and influencers on social media

    Published On: October 12, 2015

    Targeting influencers on social media can be an effective way to spread your message, even if your message is new or unfamiliar.

  • Real knowledge requires real work

    Published On: September 9, 2015

    Your deadline is tomorrow? You do realise that real knowledge requires real work?

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