Audience Intent Modelling (AIM) is a process for extracting actionable insights from the communications environment around customer journeys.

Audience Intent Modelling

Audience Intent Modelling provides the insights your organisation needs to create compelling, persuasive content

New Story Studio’s data-driven Audience Intent Modelling process reveals how customers and audiences think, talk and behave. The insights it generates can be used to identify and then bridge the communication gaps that separate a business from its customers.

AIM examines and analyses the communications environment around the customer journey. It draws on social listening, search data, various types of research, editorial judgement, benchmarking etc.

It can provide the basis for effective content marketing and digital strategy. It can also quickly provide nuanced insights into a prospect’s customers and the effectiveness of their digital comms – useful for new business meetings, pitches, and comms planning.

Audience Intent Modelling can be a stand-alone process, or can be used to complement in-person focus groups.

Questions that Audience Intent Modelling can help to answer

  • What website content should our business create, to help us reach our objectives?
  • Is our existing website content aligned with our customers?
  • We’re building a new website, how should it be structured? What content should we add?
  • What content should we create for SEO (search engine optimisation)?
  • How does our content marketing and messaging compare to our business competitors?
  • What content will our potential customers find useful?
  • What’s wrong with our business website content? How can it be improved?
  • We’re pitching to a new client, what messages and themes will resonate with their customers?

Business challenges that Audience Intent Modelling can help with

  • Need for relevant themes to base content marketing upon, that reflect how customers articulate their needs (usually related to customer goals, challenges and preconceptions).
  • Customer insight
  • Market insight
  • Market trends
  • Answers to specific questions about a target market
  • Prototype concepts for content
  • Breaks in path to purchase
  • Evidence of miscommunication
  • Categories of various concepts
  • Evidence of changing behaviours
  • Competitor activity
  • Customer desires & fears

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