Andy Murray congratulated by Adidas on Twitter

Andy Murray congratulated by Adidas on Twitter – currently at: 3,114 Retweets, 977 Favourites

During Wimbledon 2013, Adidas UK have been running their #hitthewinner campaign – a competition on Twitter in which fans guess the on-court location of Andy’s winning points.

It also led to Adidas UK’s most popular mention on Twitter in months:


The #hitthewinner campaign contributed to Adidas UK’s Twitter account increasing its number of followers by 11.5% in the 7 days before and during Andy’s win at Wimbledon (approx: 247663 followers on June 30 2013, increasing to 276140 on July 7th):

How Adidas UK have fared on Twitter over Wimbledon Week

How Adidas UK have fared on Twitter over Wimbledon Week

After Wimbledon, Adidas have taken the competition beyond the tennis court – “Andy Murray has #hitthewinner and it has landed somewhere in London! Find the signed ball and it’s yours! Go!”

Also worthy of a mention: Twitter UK says – “Wimbledon 2013: How Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic on Twitter too” – and point to Andy getting many more mentions on Twitter than his opponent. Mentions are important – it’s active engagement – but Novak Djokovic with 2,099,975 Twitter followers is still more popular than Andy Murray (1,941,148 followers).

However, if Murray maintains his current form, surely Twitter is another arena in which he’ll surpass the formidable Djokovic.

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