Harry Connick Jr on American Idol

Harry Connick Jr on American Idol

A few days ago I was putting together Last Exit agency’s daily newsletter about good stuff on the web, when I noticed that Harry Connick Jr was trending in the US. Hundreds of thousands of people were querying Google about the not-as-famous-as-he-once-was singer-actor.
Why? It’s because of his role on American Idol.

It turns out that the TV show, and its recap Youtube clips, are very well produced.


  • Chemistry between the three judges. All have the confidence of talent, experience…
  • The contestants have been very carefully filtered for sincerity, displays of emotion etc
  • The show structure is robust enough to allow entertaining deviation…
  • … from the waiting room “airlock”, to the judge banter, to the exit reaction, to the Harry cradling music…
  • Each clip has a beginning, middle and end. No meandering edits.
  • The clips are short and entertaining enough to get shared.

The Youtube end-roll is turned on… and I found it easy to watch a lot of these clips. Here’s Harry:

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