At New Story Studio Limited we provide digital communications, marketing and website services to businesses and their marketing agencies.

We help our clients to generate more leads, increase sales, attract larger online audiences and create better return on investment (ROI).

New Story Studio is home to Ciaran, digital marketing consultant, and his team of developers, designers and other experts.

Hi, I’m Ciaran

I set up New Story Studio in 2014, after working for 14 years as a multi-media journalist, producer and strategist on major digital content projects for the BBC and many large organisations.

Across my twenty years experience working on digital content and communications projects, I’ve planned and produced websites and content that have reached and engaged many, many millions of people. But I’ve also seen a lot of wasted time and money.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that:

  • For businesses selling high value services and products, marketing using a combination of website, content, search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) can be very cost effective.
  • For organisations needing to reach and persuade large numbers of people, marketing using a combination of website, content, SEO and CRO can be very cost effective.


  • Effective digital marketing is cross-disciplinary.
  • Crossing disciplines generates complexity.
  • Complexity can make success difficult to achieve, and often leads to failure.


Over the years I’ve developed processes that help my clients to avoid common digital marketing mistakes, and to understand and manage the complexity and its implications, leading to better business results and return on investment.

Services include:


Including: User research, audience intent modelling, audits, benchmarking and competitive intelligence.

Because: Effective marketing strategy is based on evidence and data.


Including: Content strategy, digital strategy, marketing strategy and positioning.

Because: Websites and digital content are more likely to succeed when they’re strategic.

Production and optimisation

Including: Content, SEO, CRO, website build and maintenance.

Because: Any advantage offered by strategy can easily be lost in production.

New Story Studio marketing funnel websites

The New Story Studio marketing funnel websites are our end-to-end, “all-in-one” digital marketing solution. We handle everything for our clients; from website design and build to research, strategy, content marketing, SEO, CRO, analytics, reporting and ongoing management.

Because: Effective digital marketing is cross disciplinary, therefore complicated and prone to failure, so our “all-in-one” service can produce better results, consistently.

How we work

I often assist and advise agency directors, marketing managers, account directors and business owners.

I also act as product manager to my network of experts, designers and developers who code, build and maintain websites, that optimise and create effective digital content.

We work with agencies and directly with businesses. Engagements can be one-off (often research), or ongoing (often SEO, or rebuilding and maintaining websites).

And: We’ve been a “distributed” company before it was fashionable – the team are based in the UK and work mostly remotely.

To find out more, get in touch.

Ciaran Ryan,


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