Hello, I’m Ciaran Ryan.

Digital marketing consultant LondonI set up New Story Studio Limited in 2014, in London, UK.

At New Story Studio, we improve websites and digital marketing. Typically, we’re asked to generate more leads, increase sales, attract larger online audiences and create better ROI.

Our services include: search engine optimisation (SEO), website management, content strategy and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).


At the BBC, over nearly ten years, I produced, launched, relaunched and managed lots of high-profile content-rich projects – websites, social media, campaigns etc. I then worked for a few years as a strategist at the London office of digital marketing agency Draw Digital (now part of Oliver Wyman management consultancy), and as a contractor at other agencies.

The perspective I gained from working both in-house and in agencies led me to set up New Story Studio.

Global media companies benefit from well established strategic frameworks and production processes for building and maintaining websites and digital content.
But: Global media companies move slowly, strategy is often compromised.

On the other hand, marketing agencies can move quickly. They’re hired for their “agency”, their short-term ability to take action.
But: Marketing agencies, especially “creative” agencies are often not equipped with the expertise, the counter-intuitive ideas, the frameworks and processes necessary to align websites with customer need, to push a website to the top of Google, for example.

A winning combination

In my experience, building a website can be relatively straightforward. But building and then maintaining a website that consistently gets results is not. Which is why we offer a useful combination; the rigour of in-house process with the can-do attitude of an agency.

Initially, I offered digital strategy services, mostly to advertising and PR agencies, but over the years I’ve grown a UK-based network that also builds, manages and maintains websites over the long-term.

We currently support advertising, PR and marketing agencies and work directly with businesses. I often assist and advise: agency directors, marketing managers, account directors and business owners.

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By Last Updated: July 19, 2021

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