I’m Ciarán Ryan. New Story Studio is my limited company.
I offer both freelance and consultancy services.

  • The majority of my work is as a digital content strategist for many well-known brands and their agencies. I articulate new stories for organisations and their products, content plans for websites and digital channels and lots more (from new brand values to content production, editorial angles to SEO, from social media to taxonomy etc).
  • I also assist agencies with research and insight when they’re pitching for new work.
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In more detail

The view from my office in south London

The view from my office in south London

I work with my clients to create business value, by reaching, engaging and influencing their audiences & customers. I do this through analysing, planning & producing effective digital media.

My LinkedIn profile is here.

Mostly, I’m employed to analyse digital performance, and then to “articulate change” by outlining creative digital content strategies.

I also assist organisations with their digital communications challenges on a wider basis;
my offer is “end-to-end”, from analysis and planning through to leading production of content or a new website.

My clients

I work for clients who wish to use their websites and digital channels more effectively, for organisations who’ve realised they must now tell a new type of story about their businesses and products.

These “new stories” must reach across the web, mobiles, search engines and social media. I tend to get hired by organisations that understand that it’s not enough for their digital channels to exist for their own sake; instead their digital activity must “do something” – whether that’s to change customer behaviour or to increase conversion rates.

At time of writing, my time is divided up, roughly, as:

  • working for agencies, when they are pitching for work that has a “digital” component. I provide ideas, research, analysis, content strategies, methods, slides for “decks” etc
  • working for the clients of various agencies. I provide digital ideas, analysis, content strategies, advice, audits etc
  • working directly with a wide range of organisations. Mostly outlining how they should be using content on their existing / new / re-launching websites and digital channels.  But also: research, trend-spotting, production of websites & content, SEO, social media etc.

Some clients just need an hour of my time occasionally, other projects require a month of one-off concentrated activity.

I’ve worked for

As well as major media companies, I’ve worked for international retailers,  global law firms, publishers, advertising agencies and a wide range of well-known smaller organisations too. Brands that I’ve worked for include: AQA, BBC, Coca-Cola, Scholastic, Taylor Wessing, Tesco F&F and Unilever. Client list here.

About my skill set

After nearly ten years at the BBC, and a few years working for various agencies, my skill set is broad. My years of experience spans creative, planning, production, technology and account management. Currently, I’m usually employed for my mix of:

  • Analysis
  • Creative lateral thinking (ideas, ideas)
  • Editorial judgement, inc: making clear decisions
  • Research
  • Practical planning
  • Extensive digital content production experience
  • Logic
  • Use of data tools & interpretation of results
  • Pattern recognition
  • Clear written and spoken communication
  • Ability to respond to tight deadlines & ill-defined challenges
  • Ability to synthesise complex info, to create easily-understood options & actions
  • Broad knowledge about digital communications, inc: content, psychology, behaviour, UX, design, technology, SEO, social, organisational & business needs etc
  • Broad general knowledge

My working style is collaborative. I happily communicate with, and present to, stakeholders at all levels.

Job titles

Over the years, my job roles have included:

  • digital strategist
  • content strategist
  • digital manager
  • online multimedia journalist
  • planner
  • senior content producer
  • website editor
  • sub-editor
  • digital analyst
  • digital consultant
  • interactive producer
  • cartoonist
  • filmmaker

As “digital” is a relatively new industry many of these job titles overlap, confusingly.

When I’m employed by advertising agencies I’m often a “digital planner”, “creative digital content planner”, “content strategist” or similar.

So, “Digital communications specialist” is my attempt at a catch-all job title that’s easy to understand.


I’ve been planning, producing & editing high profile websites, mass interactivity, daily web magazines and digital campaigns since 2002.
I’m also a former multi-media journalist and enjoy writing, photography, creating films, audio & illustrations. Briefly:

  • BBC: 2002 – 2011
  • Last Exit digital agency / WARL digital: 2012 – 2014
  • Freelance: 2014 – Current

Formative work experience includes:

  • My years as a BBC online journalist and editor – anticipating the needs of audiences
  • My years as a writer / cartoonist, film maker and photographer – honing multimedia messages and stories for the web
  • Producing the mass interactivity for BBC’s The One Show – high profile, tight deadlines, leading teams
  • Guiding digital content planning and creation for most of the BBC’s high-profile brands – corporate scalable creativity, broad horizons
  • Two and a half years as a senior digital strategist at a London agency – learning to speak “agency”, learning the art of the “pitch”
  • My current contracts for some of the world’s biggest brands – drawing on my diverse range of experiences

 I can help you with…

… making the most of your websites, digital content, social media etc.
See a list of my services.

My contact details

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Thanks for visiting,

Ciarán Ryan

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